Augmentation of Lips and Facial Folds

For the enlargement of thin lips and the smoothing of small and large folds in the face, more and more filling materials, which can be given in with simple injections, have been developed in the last several years. The common character of these materials is that their application is simple, the procedures last only a few minutes and we can obtain an immediate visible result. Side effects are very rare and an after-treatment is not necessary.

The treatment with injection is applicable in the following regions: vertical folds between the eyebrows, horizontal folds of the forehead, crow’s - feet, subtle vertical folds around the lower and upper lips, uplift of the slumped scars, bumpiness of the bridge, lip augmentation and chin.


Cosmetic Augmentation Lips and Facial Folds

Augmentation of lips and facial folds is often indicated when the aging involves the lips and the folds around the nose and lips. Resurfacing techniques can only give small improvements and the face lift and neck lift are only of limited use. Special surgeries are performed in the direct area around the lips and the facial folds. These surgeries are usually causing scars and have only limited use.

During the last several years, different techniques with different materials have been developed. Most of the materials have risks and disadvantages and their indication has to be carefully weighted. FAT is always available and can be harvest from your tummy or the lateral thigh area. The fat is then washed and injected in the facial areas. The fat is your own and causes virtually no problems. The only disadvantage of fat injection is their unpredictable character. In some patient it works great and shows permanent results after 2-3 injections, in other patient it does not seem to work.

Collagen is derived from cattles and can be easily injected after a skin test has been performed. The use of collagen is easy, but we know that it only works for 2-3 months and we have to reinject these areas afterwards.

Goretex is commonly known from clothing materials. Goretex is well tolerated by the body and has a lot of medical indications. The Goretex is placed in the desired area and stays there forever or until it is removed. The Goretex material is foreign and therefore not liked by some patients, it can also feel unnatural and stiff in some areas of the face.

Alloderm is derived from the skin of a cadaver. The material is tested for all diseases and is sterilized. The material can be placed in the lips and folds. It feels usually natural but we are not able to say if this material is permanent. The first studies have indicated that the material is relatively lasting but the last word is not said about this material

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